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In the last 100 years, the world of medicine has seen a true historical revolution. The accomplishments of modern medicine surpasses the imagination, from overcoming diseases and saving lives, to organ transplants and improving the quality of life. However, modern medicine is based on the principal of « Evidence-Based Medicine », and anything that doesn’t conform to this criterion is pushed aside. Thus, all therapies not based on scientific proof have been expelled from the world of western medicine.

However, the public has continued using these therapies, which were given outside the formal medical system, and therefore referred to as « alternative medicine ». In the meantime, many physicians discovered that patients who received « alternative » therapies simultaneous to conventional care improved their medical condition. It wasn’t always scientifically clear why this happened, but in light of these results physicians have agreed that their patients receive « alternative » care in addition to the conventional medical care.

And thus the phrase « complementary medicine » was born: medicine that complements the trained physician’s work. In light of the positive results, more and more conventional physicians have begun treating their patients with methods of « alternative » medicine.  This way a model was created that unites the scientific principles of modern medicine with the holistic principles of alternative medicine. This « integrative medicine » is the topic of this web site. 

What exactly does the term « alternative medicine » mean? It concerns a set of traditional medical approaches, currently in whole development, which are supported by associations of practitioners and patients disappointed by the materialistic approach of the academic medicine. So, how does this alternative approach differ from Western Medicine? The alternative approach works by realigning the body regulations and these regulations work to cure the patient. 



The doctrine is constituted by the increase in value of psychosomatic approach of the patient in his history and his current symptoms. The therapeutic action goes through the relaunch of physiological regulations and not through the substitution by chemical treatment with many side effects. Electronic and biological instruments evaluating the level of imbalance of those regulations permit equally to estimate the impact of the suggested therapeutics. The « alternative medicines » have a history and geography. In this way, we point out to you that :

  1. the Chinese traditional medicine, of which acupuncture is the well-known part in the West,
  2. the reflexotherapy, of which osteopathy and the manual techniques belong,
  3. the homeopathy, sophisticated form of the classic phyto-aromatherapy. We can link to it the homotoxicology and all the methods of prescription aiming to optimize the metabolic means,
  4. the brief psychotherapies, of which the transactional analysis and ericksonian hypnosis constitute the most sophisticated forms.

The practitioners using one of these disciplines (or subjects) are accustomed to thinking in terms of structure/function and adaptation/regulation. These practitioners often learn, during their professional career, many of these skills. This site intends to make sets of information available to practitioners – permitting them to study their thoughts thoroughly on dynamic organization of the living. Also, this site intends to explain the extraordinary abilities of auto-regulation through the smallest stimulations, on condition that these methods are applied in good direction, in the right place and at the right time. Don’t hesitate to consult and download the pages which interest you. You can also communicate in our forum, questions and thoughts with each other – enriching the experience of everybody.

Fifty years after the publication of « Therapeutic Materia Medica » by Pol KOLLITSCH, a decisive new step in the comprehension of the homeopathic materia medica has been taken. Highlighting the mechanism of appearance of different symptoms, while developing a clear concept of diathesis (constitution) tendencies (a dynamic approach o human pathology) and of the psychological aspect (unresolved problematic) of the remedies of the materia medica, the systemic homeopathy brings about a simple and coherent strategy, by arranging the occasionally exclusive positions of the traditional homeopathic schools.















The Health-Nutrition Profile (HNP = BNS in french) is a Low-Cost Diagnostics for Priority Global Health conditions.

Mesoscopic representation of the metabolic and immune system deformation

Arguably, the greatest challenge of biology and medicine is to marry the advances obtained by the approaches developed at the molecular, cell, organ and therapeutic levels. We propose a novel attack towards this fusion, based on a mesoscopic representation of physiopathology extracted from reactivity tests of serum proteins in colloidal phase.

We propose to go beyond the exogenous-environmental-structural models of illnesses, to encompass a complex system approach in which the human immune system and the whole body are regulated endogenously under the influence of a continuous and intermittent flux of perturbations.

We conjecture that the correct point of reference is not to consider a microbe-free or gene-defect-free body, but a homeostatic immune system within a homeostatic body, under the impact of many fluxes, in particular the fluxes of pathogens and of stresses taking many different forms. In other words, we propose to view illnesses as emergent properties of a complex interplay and balance between the immune system, the pathogens and other stress factors.

We hypothesize that the emergent properties of the normal system (health) are different from those of the damaged system (disease). This calls from a fundamentally different approach than developed hitherto.

It is a vain effort to study dirt in the hope of modeling and predicting earthquakes. Similarly, we believe that the stalemate of modern medicine stems from an obsession with molecular-based cell processes, which opens the extraordinary challenge of the bottom-up understanding of regulatory processes in the human body. While such micro-based research is essential for the advancement of science, the synthesis at the macro level necessary to provide operational solutions for the many global health problems facing mankind is extremely difficult. This insight is clear from a large body of research in mathematics, statistical physics, complex system theory and computer sciences but, surprisingly, has not been sufficiently recognized in the medical sciences.

Our transdisciplinary approach aims at offering operational, efficient and reliable diagnostic of pathologies using a “mesoscopic” level, that is, a level intermediate between the micro and macro levels. We view the health state of a patient as symbolized in a mathematical space of 33 dimensions. Each dimension represents a coarse-grained measure of key physiological and immune system parameters. Our approach is based in three steps: (i) establishing a benchmark domain of reference representing the healthy homeostasis state; (ii) diagnosing the “metabolic and immune system deformation” in the 33-dimensional space; and (iii) acting with a panoply of medications to deform back the immune system to its benchmark state.

The crucial aspect of this strategy is to take automatically into account the multiple feedback processes and inter-related coupling mechanisms of medications (in particular the adverse secondary effects) as well as the corresponding linked physiological variables, a treat only possible by the proposed coarse-grained mesoscopic global approach.  In the last 10 years, we have developed a Serum Protein Cluster Profile (Health and Nutrition Profile) of patients to construct a representation of the biological and immune system deformation.

The HNP is a genuine biological scanner that provides a robust biological mapping of an individual, based on proteinic and reactivity assays. A given analysis requires only 3cc of serum and includes 5 classical protidogram tests, 3 tests on Euglobulines (as developed by the Pasteur institute in the 1970s), and 25 others qualifying the response of the serum to diverse metals and metalloids (Manganese, Iodine, Zinc, Ammonium, Copper …) choosen for their known actions in vivo. These tests are performed under life-like colloidal conditions, so as to account for the many interactions between thousands of proteins. The results are analyzed statistically in terms of mean and standard deviations, to make the various tests comparable. The cost of one analysis, which is all that is needed, is presently at 75 euros.

blank  HNP of an acute kidney disorder

This type of analysis, which is particularly stable, is exploited within a mathematical model in terms of the concept of the “immune system deformation”. Each of the 5+3+25 reactions are probes that sample the response function of the serum of the patient to different stresses. In the past 10 years, with over 120’000 HNP performed essentially in Europe within our FFMI group, we have been able to map their corresponding cellular receptors. We then use a set of more than 400 therapeutic substances, including plants, salts, trace-elements as well as pharmaceutical drugs, whose effects have been classified vis-à-vis the HNP in order to correct the deviating variables back to the neutral benchmark healthy state.

PPT BNS anglais (Reckeweg)

This Web site is for general health information only. This Web site is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem. Users of this Web site should not rely on information provided for their own health problems. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own physician or other healthcare provider.


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